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Craig Mitchell Smith

Craig Mitchell Smith

Have an idea for a one of a kind glass creation?

Craig creates beautiful one-of-a-kind glass art for art connoisseurs. Craig has made stunning glass garden exhibits. Put his creative talents to work on your sculpture or other art piece for your home or corporate space.

To properly understand your needs Craig Mitchell Smith will need:

• A digital photo of the space

• Measurements of the space (length, height, width)

• A description of what you’d like


Craig Mitchell Smith will produce a sketch of the piece and send it to the customer for approval. After getting your approval, Craig Mitchell Smith will create the glass piece and make arrangements for delivery and/or set up of the work.


Q: Can I order art from Craig Mitchell Smith in custom colors?
A: Yes you can! Please click on Custom Colors to see the full array available. Refer to the color descriptions when placing a custom order. Prices are the same regardless of the color you chose. The only exception is clear pink, which is very expensive. Contact Craig Mitchell Smith to discuss current market pricing for pink.

Q: Do you ship your art pieces?
A: Yes, Craig Mitchell Smith will ship his art throughout the continental US, depending on the piece. Please Contact Craig Mitchell Smith for more details.

Q: Can I install a Craig Mitchell Smith piece myself?
A: Each wall Poppy comes with a unique base which allows it to be hung from a screw or nail in the wall. Each piece is shipped with installation instructions.

Q: How is this made? Is it blown glass?
A: No, this is not blown glass; this is kiln formed glass. Craig Mitchell Smith, with a background as a painter, has developed many techniques that emulate brush strokes in the creation of the work. For more details, watch this video on the Craig Mitchell Smith Art Process.

Q: How long does it take to create a piece?
A: Of course time to design, create and produce a piece varies, for example depending on size and complexity. A poppy, takes five firings, at temperatures of over 1400 degrees fahrenheit, over a course of six days for all parts to be completed. Please allow 6-8 weeks from order date to delivery.

Q: Where are Craig Mitchell Smith’s pieces made?
A: All the glass is fabricated in our Michigan studio, using American made glass and kilns. We proudly display “Made in the USA” at the bottom of every web page!

Q: Does Craig Mitchell Smith do custom lighting?
A: There is a natural affinity between glass and lighting. Craig Mitchell Smith has developed many gorgeous lighting fixtures that range from accent lights to amazing entry way chandeliers. Click on Custom Lighting to see examples.

Q: Does Craig Mitchell Smith create art that can remain outdoors?
A: We make pieces for indoor and outdoor use. Please Contact Craig Mitchell Smith for more details.

Q: Does CMS teach people how to create kiln-formed glass art?
A: Craig Mitchell Smith has taught private classes in the past, and will consider doing so as his schedule permits. Please Contact Us for availability and scheduling.

Q: May I return an item if the color isn’t exactly what I am looking for?
A: Unfortunately, No. Due to differences in computer displays and the art of fusing multiple colored pieces of glass, colors displayed on the web site are for representation purposes only. COLOR DEVIATIONS WILL OCCUR. Thank you for understanding that you are purchasing a work of art, each piece being beautifully unique.

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